• The Keratin Set
    The Keratin Set
    • Hair Treatment Set contains Keratin treatment , shampoo after Keratine ,Balsam After Keratin and serum Keratin.

  • White Pearl cream.
    White Pearl cream.
    • Formula from sea pearl and a grou[ of necessary vitamins to recover what your skin loses to weather conditions giving your face the glow and healthy look.

  • Analgesic Gel
    Analgesic Gel
    • Pain relieving gel provides tempory relif minor aches and pain in muscles.

  • Action Hair Gel
    Action Hair Gel
    • Action Gel for all hair types,giving your hair a discrable look,it gives your hair a high gloss and protects it from damaging sun rays.

  • Oxydant Cream
    Oxydant Cream
    • Hydrogene Peroxyde Cream.

  • Shampoo & Tonic With Watercress
    Shampoo & Tonic With Watercress
    • Its a Formula with watercress to clean and treat the hair from the scalp.

  • Black Pearl cream
  • Breast Enlarging cream
    Breast Enlarging cream
    • This Cream rotate and zoom in the chest and the elimination of wrinkles and contouring the skin of the chest is more freshness and vitality.

  • MeGa Gel
  • Clean FeeT
    Clean FeeT
    • Its a fromula disigned and formulated specialy to treat Feet skin,to remove the bacteries,bad smil,give the feet softness,smooth and healthy.

  • Sarah Hair Mask
    Sarah Hair Mask
    • The first of a new generation of conditioners.

  • Carrot Sun block BaBy +6
    Carrot Sun block BaBy +6
    • Protective Milk SPF 45 UVA 100% is formuled specially to protect the sensitive skin for junior from the sun efects.