Crystal Line Feminine Wash

Crystal Line Feminine Wash is an amazing formula that cleans, disinfects and tightens the skin of the intimate areas of young women in general and of older women in particular.
By using this product, your skin is disinfected thanks to its safe and highly effective antiseptic formula which also cleans the skin surface and kills the odor-causing bacteria.
With this extraordinary formula, you will also have a tight, consistent skin, especially in the sensitive area which usually gets saggy as a result of childbirth, obesity and other problems.
In addition, this extraordinary product will give you a feeling of cleanliness and freshness as well as of security and your skin will smell fresh all the time.


Directions for use:

Apply a small quantity of this concentrated product to the sensitive area and all around. Then wash well with warm or cold water in the morning and the evening as needed.
Better to use twice a day, particularly during menses, or right before or after sexual intercourse, or even in ordinary days for hygiene and prevention.
Safe, healthy and concentrated. You can keep it with you all the time wherever you go.

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