Hair Straight Keratin

Hair Straight Keratin is a unique keratin-based formula designed to give you the best results.


Directions for use:

Before using this product, shampoo hair properly and wait until it becomes around 70% dry. Wear face mask to avoid odor.
Apply a small amount to hair downwards to the ends with 1cm away from the scalp. Make sure the product is spread over the entire hair. Let it dry naturally for 20 minutes or preferably use a hairdryer.
Use a straightener by sliding it from roots to ends 4 to 8 times on each strand of hair.
Wait 3 days before shampooing.
Finally, enjoy a smooth, soft hair for a long time. For a long lasting result, apply Keratin Serum when using a straightener after each shower.
Hair Mask is also recommended, at least once per week, to keep hair soft and shiny.

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