Sarah Natural Mega Look

Anti-frizz Cream
Pro-vitamin B5
Styling & Protection
Cherry Extract

What you should know about hair serums:
A soft, silky hair is what every woman looks for. This is why they try all ways and mixtures to get such result with minimum effort.
The disheveled, flyaway hair is one of the difficult problems women face every day. They have to use serums for a soft, glossy and tidy hair.
Therefore, the use of serums is now more common and necessary in our present times.
Sarah Mega Look Cream is an exceptional, unique formula: It has the same action and effectiveness of a serum, is rich in oils, protects the hair against harmful external factors and is a perfect hair styling cream for men and women.


Directions for use:

Distribute a small quantity of this magical cream evenly on the entire hair, then combs with a hairbrush, so you can enjoy a healthy, attractive and nicely styled hair.
For Better Results: Use it daily over wet, clean hair.

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