Sarah Natural Shampoo

For a Beautiful & Silky Hair
It Nourishes Hair Naturally
Chamomile Extract

What you should know about hair serums:
The shampoo plays an important role in keeping the hair and the scalp clean from oil secretions, and removing any dust or impurities that might be caused by external factors. Therefore, many types of shampoo which contain high quantity of sodium can be used as a solution to many hair problems such as:
Weak scalp, broken hair, loss of healthy and natural luster, dry scalp leading to itching, hair loss, etc.
It is essential to use the right shampoo.

Sarah Shampoo is a unique, balanced and rich formula that keeps the hair and the scalp clean, while maintaining the necessary natural oils without rinse for a soft and healthy hair.


Directions for use:

Apply a small quantity or as much as you need to wet hair. Massage well with water. Rinse entirely with water.
For Better Results: Use Sarah Balsam after it for an attractive and healthy hair.
Note: Sarah Shampoo is very safe to use on any hair of any type or condition. It is good to use in beauty salons and for all family members.

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