Crystal Line Underarm Cream For Men

Crystal Line Underarm Cream is a formula especially conceived for the underarm area for all types of skin to get rid of smelly discharge caused by external factors, such as high temperature. It is also an antiperspirant that makes the area naturally dry with healthy safe methods. Finally, it lightens the dark spots that most women and men suffer from in this area.


Directions for use:

Apply a small quantity of this concentrated cream on the underarm area and massage it gently until well absorbed by the skin. The area must be first dried and cleaned before treatment.
For better results: Apply the cream in the morning and the evening after shower and before putting your clothes on and enjoy a carefree day for a long time.
Note: This product shall not be used on fresh wounds caused by shaving or the like or on recent burns; however, it may be used on old ones.

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