Whitening Cream For Sensitive Area

This is a mixture of natural ingredients that contains vitamins, antiseptics and nutrients, particularly vitamins E and C and Aloe Vera. It whitens, softens and sterilizes the skin following exposure to external weather conditions and sunlight and protects the epidermis, which boosts your skin’s vitality and youthfulness.
This advanced cream has a magical and quick whitening effect; it instantly softens, moisturizes, purifies and lightens the skin for a more radiant and younger look that lasts 48 hours thanks to its water resistance, which is easily noticed right after using this magical and amazing product.


Directions for use:

Apply an appropriate amount of the cream on the area intended to be whitened, especially the sensitive areas (underarm, around the breast or bikini line) or any other area, then massage it gently and leave it for an adequate period of time until it is well absorbed by the skin. For a long lasting result, leave it for 10 minutes and then remove it with a dry towel.
Control the skin brightness level based on the amount you apply. First apply a small amount and then add as much as you need.

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